Tangled Up in CO2

Early one mornin’ the sun was shinin’

It was gettin’ hot

I was thinkin’ how the climate’s changin’

Some still say it’s not

Seems to me there’ve been lots of floods

Sure is gonna be rough

Droughts and fires and people dyin’

But our bankbook isn’t big enough

Mile-wide tornadoes across the South

Forests dyin’ out West

Lots of chatter on the East Coast

Lord knows we’ve paid some dues, gettin’ through

Tangled up in CO2


We’ve burned coal for a hundred years

With no hint of remorse

Now we all drive cars and trucks

And they burn gas of course

We drive our cars as far as we can

Fill them with high-test

Drill for oil wherever it’s found

Thinking it is best

Well, I left my car on the side of the road

But as I was walkin’ away

I heard it say over my shoulder,

“We’ll meet again someday on the avenue”

Tangled up in CO2


I took a job in the great north woods

Choppin’ down trees for a spell

But I never did like it all that much

And one day the last tree fell

So I drifted down to New Orleans

Where I lucky was to be employed

Workin’ for a while on a fishin’ boat

Till the Gulf–BP destroyed

But all the while I was alone

The wind was close behind

I seen a lot of turbines

And they never escaped my mind, and I just grew

Tangled up in CO2


She was workin’ near a solar place

Where I stopped in for a beer

I just kept lookin’ at the side of her face

In the sunlight so clear

And later on when the panels shipped out

I was just about to do the same,

She was standing there beside my chair

And she said, “say, what’s your game?”

I muttered somethin’ underneath my breath,

She studied the lines on my face.

I must admit I felt a little uneasy

When she bent down to whisper “Energy must renew”

Tangled up in CO2


She reached into her canvas tote and offered me a ripe

Mango–“I’m vegetarian” she said

“You look like the meat-eating type”

Then she opened up a book of policy

And handed it to me

Written by Amory Lovins

From the twentieth century

And every one of them words rang true

And glowed like LEDs

“Soft Energy Paths” was the name

That is, wind and solar

For me and you

Tangled up in CO2


I lived with them on Montague Street

In a passive solar lair

Wind power charged our cars at night

And no pollution in the air

We had shut the coal plants down

And fossil subsidies died

BP had to sell all it owned

And froze up inside

And now the sun had finally come out

No more singin’ the blues

The only thing we had to do

Was to keep on keepin’ on like a bird that flew,

Tangled up in CO2


We’re never goin’ back again,

Ain’t no way nohow

All that stuff we used to burn

It’s an illusion to me now

Mountain top removal

Frackin’ for natural gas

Don’t know how it all got started

Don’t know why we sat on our ass

So long


But me, I’m still on the road

In my electric car

All of us did want the same

We just saw it from a different point of view

Tangled up in CO2

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