Colleges and universities buying solar or wind power

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Colleges and universities that have contracted for off-site solar power

Financial risks

Information brokers

  • The Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI’s) Business Renewables Center offers paying members five primers, three guides, case studies, and a report, plus opportunities to meet with solar developers.
    • The primers cover accounting, economic analysis, deal structure, risk allocation, and finance; the guides cover internal support, “deal dream team,” and deal process; the report is titled Corporate Purchaser’s Guide to Risk Mitigation.
    • RMI charges colleges and other nonprofits $2500 per year for access to its reports and conference invitations. RMI is considering offering nonprofits a lower-priced option to access its reports only.
    • RMI has opened a Business Renewables Center in Australia that offers free membership to entities in Australia, and thus free access to the same resources as in the U.S. (because it’s funded by the Australian government)
  • Customer First Renewables, which advised Brown University
  • EnerNOC
  • The Renewable Energy Buyers’ Alliance, which provides resources to paying members, and appears to be similar to RMI’s Business Renewables Center
  • Solar project financing report (15 pages) from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL):
  • Law firms, including those that specialize in solar developments
  • Financial advisory firms
  • Solar project brokers
    • LAE Renovables
  • Solar development firms and EPC firms (which provide engineering, procurement, and construction)
    • Recurrent Energy
    • There is a precedent for several entities to agree to a standard contract with a solar developer, and for each entity to sign an identical contract relating to the same solar installation (in this way, the entities would not need to form an LLC)
  • Investment banks that offer financial hedges
    • Two Goldman Sachs staff members could describe the firm’s solar price hedging offerings (as listed in the executive summary of an RMI report): Cindy Quan and Harry Singh

Selling grid services